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Safia - Ecocert and USDA-NOP certified organic

Safia Argan Oil - 100% Pure , 100% Moroccan Oil

At Safia we take the concept of natural and pure cosmetics seriously. Everyday our bodies are subjected to pollutants and other stresses. The stresses come from the environment, the chemical additives and preservatives that are added to the foods we eat and the cosmetics and soaps we use and Safia believes that our bodies deserve better. A natural skin and hair nourishment that rejuvenates and repairs the stresses from the environment, pollutants and chemicals. Pure Argan oil is rich in sterol, polyphenols, squalene and vitamin E can rehydrate, moisturize, rejuvenate cells, keep skin moist and firm, and repair dry and rough skin.

Safia 100 % Pure Moroccan Argan oil is produced in Agadir, Morocco, by Azaz and as is fully accredited and certified as a natural and organic product using the Ecocert ( # MA-BIO-154) and USDA - NOP organic certification.

The Ecocert accreditation attests to the quality, naturalness and purity of our argan oil.  Our producers through the accreditation process comply to  the "Natural and organic cosmetics" standard established in 2003 and we proudly display the Ecocert certification logo.  EcoCert accreditation has become mandatory in many areas of activity in Europe because it is the recognised independent and  trusted certification.  The USDA - NOP organic certification is supported by Ecocert SA.

Ecocert conducts on-site inspections of our oil porducers  ensure that a product properly complies with the requirements laid down in a "standard" or "specification" for "Natural and organic cosmetics". Our pure Argan Oil under the certification is guaranteed to contain no GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol,ingredients derived from petrochemicals or synthetic chemistry and there is no testing of the finished product on animals.

Safia Pure - Because we believe you deserve radiant skin and hair.

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