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#1 Argan Oil Hair Treatment Guide.

How to get long lasting beautiful hair by using the traditional way for using Pure Argan Oil

There are a few different traditional ways to use Argan Oil to revitalise your hair and stimulate its natural growth. Using a Pure Argan Oil treatment can reduce "hair frizz", soothes your scalp, corrects split ends and restores a lustrous shine to your hair. You find that it not only great for delicate hair issues but will make your hair, softer, more manageable, and healthier.

How to effectively use Argan Oil as a hair treatment in the traditional way.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Guide - Safia Pure Argan Oil

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1. Argan Oil hair treatment before washing and shampooing.

One great way to use argan oil in your hair treatment regime is to simply massage some oil into your hair and scalp before washing it. About 30 minutes before you plan to shower or bath place a small amount of oil in palm of you hand and gently massage into your scalp with you finger tips. Secondly , the use the remaining oil and spread it throughout your hair , even using a comb or brush to evenly distribute it and you find that you have even coverage from the hair roots to tips.

For an additional enhancement to the Argan Oil Hair Treatment you can also wrap a warm cotton towel or cloth over or around the head for the full 30 minutes before shampooing and then washing your hair.

2. Argan Oil Hair Treatment after washing
Pure Argan Oil can also be used as an after shampooing hair conditioner and it is best to apply it to damp hair so it a good idea to towel dry or even low heat blow dry you hair before conditioning it with the oil.

The best way to apply it is to sparingly apply it by placing a small amount into your hands, spreading it out over your palms and then running them over you hair. You can then brush or comb it through to give it a greater spread. For frizzy hair its a good idea to start at the ends first.

Using Pure Argan Oil is certainly a much healthier option to using hair sprays and gels which often contain thickening silica's , alcohol, chemical fragrances and other additives. Your hair will take on a fresh healthy appearance, a lustre and brilliance that only Argan Oil can provide.

If you frequently wash and condition your hair , you can also add a few drops of Pure Argan Oil into your daily conditioner. Many large shampoo manufacturers have started to add small amounts of argan oil into their products. They source the cheapest , low grades of argan oil on an industrial scale and cannot guarantee their processing, quality ( nutrients profile and oxidation ) or provenance. Safia 100% Pure Argan Oil, guarantees a premium , grade #1, 100% pure, organically certified, cold pressed Argan Oil, so don't just settle for a mass produced cheap product.

At Safia we believe everybody deserves to have radiant, healthy skin and hair : every day !

#1 Argan Oil Hair Treatment Guide

What's the difference between Safia's advice and other?

Sourcing our Pure Argan Oil is South West Morocco lends its self to being party to the not only providing a 100% pure, organic , high grade cold pressed argan oil but also gives us an insight to the traditional ways, tips and tricks that have been used by Moroccan woman for centuries.

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